Friday, April 16, 2010

Sandra Cisneros Poem

Who is a well known for memoirs with a creative mind
Who writes about Year's that pass on in her life with a twist in the memoir
Who loves Her cat and writing memoirs and happy colors
Who feels unique stories open doors bright colors help with creativity of her books marriage is not better then being alone
Who says "my writing is my child"
Who gives help at high schools helps high school drops out and teaches art and creative writting
Who is known for writing
Bad Boys Hairs/Pelitos The House on Mango Street Line 9: Who has worked as art teacher and high school writing teacher
Whose parents are Mexican

Who is QuiƩn es un bien conocido para memorias con una mente creadora
Who is a resident of
San Antonio, Texas.
Line 13: Cisneros

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Holocaust (Night...)

I have just finished reading the book Night Elie Wiesel. This book gave me the chills with terror and remorse. I never really noticed the holocaust as I do now. I now am extremely sympathetic for the people who were in the holocaust. For people who were raised think of another raise indifferent and willingly torture them with no respect. When your a child and knowing you have to go through and witness Gestapos killing and unremittingly and brutally beating your loved ones is like one of the most difficult and heart wrenching thing. The feelings the children must think like being abandoned or departed is just petrifying.
I learned from this book that when I think life is unfair or cruel I know nothing. When I look and see what they went through with being condemned under there free will I see that my life is gold. When I get punished its like the world ends when they got punished literally were punished and lost there life's. They went years months with being undernourished and still did everyday work 7 days a week that is determination. This book opened a whole new world to me my eyes were wide open the whole time with disbelief. I have witnessed hostile actions before but none like this. When today's kids so apathy or are called apathetic its not mowing the lawn or taking out the trash but when the Jews or other inmates showed apathy it was no being able to throw people into a fire! We of today have no idea what a hard life is or was we have nothing on the Jews and other inmates. Having people running through your house sabotaging you stuff and deporting you to another country to do nothing but die is just scary to think about never mind actually having to do it. To be able to watch your people your family being exterminated would literally kill me I would die on spot but the Jews still pressed on with hope and will. Life as we know it is changing fast just let us know that we have not entered the worst yet but the holocaust is was the closest thing to the end for many and many of people and I hope you as well as me show enough sympathy and respect to the people who made it out and more for the people who last there lives there thank you for reading.