Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My veiw on this year!

This year no doubt had been my happiest times and saddest times. In school and outta school but still I learned a lot. This class and all the things we did this year has helped with so much. The writing pieces we practiced and did made me stronger in writing. This class has also given me inspiration to write my own music which I have been doing. I mean don't let me make sound easy or all fun and games it was hard and stressful between arguing with my teacher to having conversations about my work. Me and her had our ups and downs of this year but we made it through another school year with out me falling which I thank her much for. The final project we did was really awsome and helped a lot of students to let personal and sad things out comfortable between our class which was amazing. I learned things about others and myself that I never knew. I had a good year this year no matter what went down I learned and I taught it was great!


I have been reading Trouble By Gary Schmidt. This book is about a teenage boy Henry who has a older brother who gets killed. His brother dies while he was in the hospital after being hit by a truck. Chay the young Cambodian teen who hit Franklin says it was a accident but nobody believes him not even his own parents. Later in the book Henry comes across a Black Dog and keeps it. Thinking it will help replace Franklin. Franklin and Henry were planning to climb Mt. Katahdin. With the memory of Franklin stuck in his head he sets off with his friend and black dog. Along the way they meet up with somebody who they wouldn't have expected Chay! Who eventually goes along with Henry and black dog down the bumpy road to Mt. Katahdin. Between fighting and sharing heart braking stories Chay and Henry become friends.
This book left me guessing everyday I read a page. It shows how somebody who you consider your worse enemy can become you best friend just like that. I'm sure if you read this book you will be left guessing and wanting more every page you read.
I hope you Enjoy reading if you decide to.

My return to our community

When I get out of high school I'm going into the NAVY. I think that this state needs money help. I would give my money and insurance check to the school society. When I die our schools are decent but things could be better and it would help with supplies plus for kids who couldn't afford stuff. This is what I WILL do to give back.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Devil Within


I am the devil in my mind.
I believe that I am the devil because I tend not to take responsibility for my actions.
I let my past bother me and I let stupid stuff get to my head and bother me. I never let things go against people. I have a terrible sense of belief and to be honest sometimes I wish bad things on people. When I think of the Devil I picture a person with a attitude and low self-esteem as well as a very touchy temper and to me that is one hundred percent me all the way around!

I am the Devil and that is how I am and how my ways will be for the rest of my life and I’m sorry if anybody opposes what I think. I feel like I have shadow that is consistently dragging me down. And when I’m being dragged down I lose hope and will power. I give up on things to fast and don’t give time for stuff to heal. I want what I want when I want to. And sadly that's my big downfall. But I can't change my personality or the way I am because I’m not fake and never will be.