Monday, December 20, 2010

Darfur image

This picture to me relates very well to A long Way Gone because it shows how they are easily brain washed into doing something they don't wanna do but then are conned into doing so many bad things three verbal threatening. Plus this image sows men and older teens being turned into something there not or wants to be. This image shows a lot of what the kids in our book are dealing with and its crazy how so many people can get turned into fighting machines over fear and nervousness.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Sudan- NE Africa

Child soldiers... A sad look at life in Sudan. Most Children were bribed with money or candy or anything young children are interested in. These people will make the kids do anything they are afraid of doing knowing the children don't have a clue of whats going on. This is just a dirty way to live life the men who do this are truly not men its sicking what they do to these poor kids. After the children did what they were supposed to the tied them up and beat them for doing what they were told that is just ridicules in my eyes I hope it is to you to!!

To see what i have learned use this.

Friday, November 19, 2010


R.U.F ( Revolutionary United Front)

They are people who have no respect for the law. They take what they want when they want.  They have made like there own little army. They used children for war by bribing them with drugs and such. They fought a 11 year war in  Sierra Leone. They then turned into a political party but soon failed later in 2009 the recent leaders were put in jail for death charges.

A Long Way Gone!!

"Got a bum education"

"kids smoke reefer"

Grandmaster Flash Lyrics 

I feel like these are similar to the A Long Way Gone because they have really bad education do to not having the right teachers or teaching requirements that we do they also barely get a chance to grow up to learn do to the fact they get turned into kid solders. I also mentioned the reefer thing because they have little kids smoking pot so they would be to screwed up to fight and no realize how messed up it is plus it would get them addicted to drugs and if they did something good they would gove them the drugs as a reward.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Rap today and back in the day!!

To me the rappers today don't have half the honest things to rap about the guys from back then culd tear it up on the mic with out a vocoder or anything like that. More then anything the rpaers today are insecure about there voices or just sound like crap. The people back in the day had heart in to there music you can really hear how much fun and just pure power then out into there lyrics.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I am number four.

By Pittacuz Lore.

Lorien is a planet that exist in a different solar system then Earth. The people who inhabit it look and talk just like us. Besides the fact they have powers that are beyond human they are humans. When a rival planet is destroying Lorien the people of Lorien out of desperation send out a spaceship. In this spaceship are 9 Lorien beings that will bring Lorien back to what it used to be.

This book has honestly turned a non reader into a person who read this book in 3 days. The conflict in this story was a raise of Aliens in our case were trying to find a place to live till they became stronger enough to face the rise that was trying to kill them in the first place.

I loved this book because of how real something fantasy sounded. It made me believe there were things like this going on. It put you were the author wanted you which was right next to the main character. It was amazing no matter were the characters were you felt right next to them in the fighting and in the sad parts.

This book I highly recommend to anyone who can let a book take over its mind like it did to mine. I stayed up till 3:00 am just to finish this book it was perfect in my eyes. The length of this book shouldn't make anyone nervous because it felt like ten pages to me after I got in to it I didn't want it to end but it did and that was the only bad part of this book.

The book goes from first person to third a lot but it makes it more interesting. I really do suggest this book to anyone who has a great imagination thank you for reading.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My veiw on this year!

This year no doubt had been my happiest times and saddest times. In school and outta school but still I learned a lot. This class and all the things we did this year has helped with so much. The writing pieces we practiced and did made me stronger in writing. This class has also given me inspiration to write my own music which I have been doing. I mean don't let me make sound easy or all fun and games it was hard and stressful between arguing with my teacher to having conversations about my work. Me and her had our ups and downs of this year but we made it through another school year with out me falling which I thank her much for. The final project we did was really awsome and helped a lot of students to let personal and sad things out comfortable between our class which was amazing. I learned things about others and myself that I never knew. I had a good year this year no matter what went down I learned and I taught it was great!


I have been reading Trouble By Gary Schmidt. This book is about a teenage boy Henry who has a older brother who gets killed. His brother dies while he was in the hospital after being hit by a truck. Chay the young Cambodian teen who hit Franklin says it was a accident but nobody believes him not even his own parents. Later in the book Henry comes across a Black Dog and keeps it. Thinking it will help replace Franklin. Franklin and Henry were planning to climb Mt. Katahdin. With the memory of Franklin stuck in his head he sets off with his friend and black dog. Along the way they meet up with somebody who they wouldn't have expected Chay! Who eventually goes along with Henry and black dog down the bumpy road to Mt. Katahdin. Between fighting and sharing heart braking stories Chay and Henry become friends.
This book left me guessing everyday I read a page. It shows how somebody who you consider your worse enemy can become you best friend just like that. I'm sure if you read this book you will be left guessing and wanting more every page you read.
I hope you Enjoy reading if you decide to.

My return to our community

When I get out of high school I'm going into the NAVY. I think that this state needs money help. I would give my money and insurance check to the school society. When I die our schools are decent but things could be better and it would help with supplies plus for kids who couldn't afford stuff. This is what I WILL do to give back.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Devil Within


I am the devil in my mind.
I believe that I am the devil because I tend not to take responsibility for my actions.
I let my past bother me and I let stupid stuff get to my head and bother me. I never let things go against people. I have a terrible sense of belief and to be honest sometimes I wish bad things on people. When I think of the Devil I picture a person with a attitude and low self-esteem as well as a very touchy temper and to me that is one hundred percent me all the way around!

I am the Devil and that is how I am and how my ways will be for the rest of my life and I’m sorry if anybody opposes what I think. I feel like I have shadow that is consistently dragging me down. And when I’m being dragged down I lose hope and will power. I give up on things to fast and don’t give time for stuff to heal. I want what I want when I want to. And sadly that's my big downfall. But I can't change my personality or the way I am because I’m not fake and never will be.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tattoo vignette

The choice I'm making will stick on me for the rest of my life. I want a fallen angel tattoo I think that tattoo shows my character. Tattoos in my mind are what you want to represent you for the rest of your life. I want to be a fallen angel because they are not in hell or heaven they are among humans and live like them they just never age or die. I'm not saying that I want to live forever but to be on earth till earth it self die would be a amazing experience. The fallen angle isn’t that god didn’t want you or you were to bad ass for hell but its that you have done so much bad and just the same amount of good that god nor Satan can decide. This is why I want to have a fallen angel tattoo. I will get this tattoo and feel accomplished.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sandra Cisneros Poem

Who is a well known for memoirs with a creative mind
Who writes about Year's that pass on in her life with a twist in the memoir
Who loves Her cat and writing memoirs and happy colors
Who feels unique stories open doors bright colors help with creativity of her books marriage is not better then being alone
Who says "my writing is my child"
Who gives help at high schools helps high school drops out and teaches art and creative writting
Who is known for writing
Bad Boys Hairs/Pelitos The House on Mango Street Line 9: Who has worked as art teacher and high school writing teacher
Whose parents are Mexican

Who is QuiƩn es un bien conocido para memorias con una mente creadora
Who is a resident of
San Antonio, Texas.
Line 13: Cisneros

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Holocaust (Night...)

I have just finished reading the book Night Elie Wiesel. This book gave me the chills with terror and remorse. I never really noticed the holocaust as I do now. I now am extremely sympathetic for the people who were in the holocaust. For people who were raised think of another raise indifferent and willingly torture them with no respect. When your a child and knowing you have to go through and witness Gestapos killing and unremittingly and brutally beating your loved ones is like one of the most difficult and heart wrenching thing. The feelings the children must think like being abandoned or departed is just petrifying.
I learned from this book that when I think life is unfair or cruel I know nothing. When I look and see what they went through with being condemned under there free will I see that my life is gold. When I get punished its like the world ends when they got punished literally were punished and lost there life's. They went years months with being undernourished and still did everyday work 7 days a week that is determination. This book opened a whole new world to me my eyes were wide open the whole time with disbelief. I have witnessed hostile actions before but none like this. When today's kids so apathy or are called apathetic its not mowing the lawn or taking out the trash but when the Jews or other inmates showed apathy it was no being able to throw people into a fire! We of today have no idea what a hard life is or was we have nothing on the Jews and other inmates. Having people running through your house sabotaging you stuff and deporting you to another country to do nothing but die is just scary to think about never mind actually having to do it. To be able to watch your people your family being exterminated would literally kill me I would die on spot but the Jews still pressed on with hope and will. Life as we know it is changing fast just let us know that we have not entered the worst yet but the holocaust is was the closest thing to the end for many and many of people and I hope you as well as me show enough sympathy and respect to the people who made it out and more for the people who last there lives there thank you for reading.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Dramatic Irony

Dramatic Irony- Is when the people watching know more then characters. In act one of Macbeth dramatic irony is used when he plans on killing the king for the crown and he does. We knew that it was going to happen when it did because of what the witch's said to Macbeth. That is dramatic irony.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


"With his surcease, success; that but this blow/
Might be the be-all and that end-all here"

I think in this soliloquy Shakespeare is saying that if Macbeth commits this murder that Duncan will go to heaven and live the after life which is told to be a wonderful place. If Macbeth does do it he will go to hell and suffer a life of internal flames.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gulity or Innocent

I think Steve is both. He is guilty in the way that he was there when the thing went down and was part of the plan but I don't think he should get life in jail. He was doing something dumb and he knew that but he didn't do anything that caused harm to the guy. I think he should have to pay like a few years in Jail but nothing like 25 to life that's just crazy.


(January 15, 1929-April 4, 1968)
Martin Luther King
Was born Michael Luther King, Jr, but later had his name changed to Martin. His grandfather began the family's long tradition as pastors of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta serving from 1914 to 1931 his father has served from then until the present. From 1960 until his death Martin Luther acted as co pastor. Martin Luther attended segregated public schools in Georgia, graduating from high school at the age of fifteen he received the B. A. degree in 1948 from Morehouse College a distinguished Black only institution of Atlanta from which both his father and him attended. After that he went to move into Boston for another degree while attending Boston University he met Coretta Scott. Two sons and two daughters were born into the family. Martin Luther King lived a very accomplished life that ended to yearly.

Hunger Games?

Iv been hearing about a book called the Hunger Games people told that it is a real good book. I think our class should read it for a class book. Just the name of it sounds interesting. I think as a Sophomore class we should read more mind teasing books and books that are above our levels so when can learn new words and be able to do this Jr's or Sr's.
Id like for anybody that has read this book post a comment on it and tell me how it was.

Hait a countrie under reconstruction!!

There recently has been a devastating earthquake in Haiti where 200,000 people are presumed dead. The earthquake was a mind blowing 5.9 magnitude the earthquake struck around 6:00am and was 35 miles from the countries capital. Just recently a 5 year old boy walked out of the rubble and besides a few scraps and bruises he was unharmed. There has been help funds set up in towns and in a few schools for the Haiti disaster. We hope the best for the survivors and we feel for the dead. America has sent troops to help with the cleaning and search party's for the dead. The help to rebuild Haiti has already been set into action from several countries.

One Little Word!

It is a word that I tend not to use a lot. Its a easy to do and its something I need to work on. I get in trouble when i'm asking questions all because I ask the question and don't listen to what people have to say. I think i'm always right so I use to see no reason to listen. My mom always says I hear what I want. Now and days I need to listen i'm in High School listening is a must. Just recently I have been listening instead of talking and it got me a lot further then talking. Listening is something that my friends no I cant do as well as teachers and this year I am making it my little word of 2010.

What will be your word of 2010?

My views on Blogging

My feelings on the blogging is that I think its a great idea. The way I see it is that the more we post the more we learn from comments on what we have posted with tips on writing. As well if we post things about books people can leave suggestions to other books similar to what we posted about which I think is great. It gives you a lot more options then doing regular class work such as writing poem's we now can write them and post them online for people to see and gives us reviews on what we could do to do better. It also allows you to post reviews on books you have read and other people get ideas about them. There is a big upgrade to blogging if your not in school and your home sick you can write post on things because the teacher will be able to see it. To sum this all up I think blogging is going to change teaching in a lot of ways in the future and I think its a great idea.

The Taking Of Room 114

This quarter I read the book called The Taking OF ROOM 114 from Mel Glenn. The plot of the story is a Social Studies teacher cracks holding his students as hostages at gun point on the last day of their senior year. Mel Glenn tells this story in a series of poems from each student and cop as well as camera men and teachers. In each poem they describe the teacher ,Mr. Wiedermeyer.

I think the thing that really gives this book the puling vibe is that it is based in a classroom and could be a real situation. The students each have different descriptions of Mr. Wiedermeyer and how they feel about his class. As well the teachers explain there views on him. What I really loved about this book is that you are not able to predict whats going to happen on the next page its just a wonderful book if your into suspense and mystery books. The book in general is a short book but in each poem it has a lot of explanation but not enough to let u know whats going to happen. I have only one problem with this book is at the end I wish there was more of a ending not just a instant ending. The author really turns a hard way to wright a book into a easy reading but greatly interesting book. The structure of this book is different then a usual book like I said its written in poems. It was on of the few iv read like that and after this book I look forward to reading more like this and hope after you read this then you will feel the same way to.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What am I to DO!!

In here life is scrambled
What am I to DO!!
This ain’t baseball I’m not going home
What am I to DO!!
No this cant be true I desperately wish this was a movie
What am I to DO!!
The uniforms are orange what can I do.
What am I to DO!!
In my world this is what people do!
What am I to DO!!
I was looking desperately for a calm voice
What am I to DO!!
Me I am morning as if I’m dead
What am I to DO!!
The fights are vicious here!!
What am I to DO!!
Church is vicious to?
What am I to DO!!