Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Music For Ishmael!

Ishmael is one of the few children who was saved from a situation like his. Being child solider is a secret that americans don't like to confront even though its not a problem in our country. He used music to help in in some situations where his life was at stake. Music was in mental escape from the world. Being a child solider in Africa is a very common thing to see. They use them for no other purpose besides fighting and if you don't do what you are told to do then its your life or someone else's that is going to be taken. In Ishmael's case it was killed or be killed. After getting sold to a humanitarian group he was saved but went through a lot of physical and mental pain. So for Ishmael I give him a song that build's confidence and has a lot of emotion in it it is called Waving Flag from a Somalian rapper.

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